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  • Dan Moskovitz

Opinion: The Wellington Phoenix Men are winning, for once. It's time to support them.


The Wellington Phoenix Men are top of the league. In the seventeen-year history of the club, that sentence has maybe been typed twice. 

For a club who are usually mediocre at best, this is uncharted territory. The last time the Phoenix were top of the league was nine years ago. What’s more, Wellington are the only club in the competition to have never won a trophy. Teams added as recently as 2019 and 2020 have titles to their name. This season, Wellington might finally get one. 

As such, there’s never been a time when the Nix deserve your support more.

Their atmosphere is one draw. Unlike most sports in Aotearoa where you sit down and quietly watch the game, the Nix’s active support - the yellow fever - is up and vocal all game long. This includes a delightful array of chants, including “seagull, seagull, seagull” (when you see a seagull) “we’ve got the ball” (or alternatively, "we've lost the ball”) amongst more commonplace chants.

It’s an experience unlike anything else in NZ sport. 

There’s an Auckland-shaped threat on the horizon too. For their seventeen years of existence, the Nix have been the only Kiwi club in the competition. Next season, Auckland, backed by billionaire Bill Foley are set to join the competition, making the Phoenix underdogs to Auckland before they’ve even kicked a ball.  

So who would you rather back? Billionaire-backed JAFAs or your new local team defying the odds?

Come down to a game at the cake tin - you won’t regret it.

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