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  • Henry Broadbent

Hundreds Rally Against Coalition Government

Updated: Apr 6

Photo: Henry Broadbent

This year’s School Strike for Climate was a broad-church action, held collboratively today by Toitū Te Tiriti, Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa, and School Strike 4 Climate.

Hundereds of people from across the motu marched, demanding the following of the government:

Keep the ban on oil and gas exploration

End the Fast Track Approvals Bill

Prioritise climate education for all

Lower the voting age to 16

Toitū te Tiriti o Waitangi

End our governments complicity in the genocide of Palestinian people.

The core kaupapa of the march, and one that was expressed throughout speeches in Parliament and at Civic Square, was one of intersectionality. 'Social justice is climate justice' and variations could be seen on placards, and heard shouted by the crowd. Those organising the march and those protesting are clear-eyed in percieving climate exploitation as linked, inextricably, to wider social and economic issues. Indigenous liberation, Palestinian liberation, an end to resource extraction and wealth inequality—to fight for the planet is to fight for all these causes; to fight for these causes is to fight for the planet.


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