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Salient Mag is a student magazine that covers news and current events. We are always looking for stories to cover and feedback from our readers. If you have any suggestions or comments, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



+64 4 463 5544

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Thanks for getting in touch!

Find Salient Mag

Find us: we are located at  Student Union Building Level 3/Kelburn Parade, Kelburn, Wellington 6012.


Or, in slightly more complicated terms. Head to the bottom of the Student Union building, go past the bubble, through the grey fire doors to the right, up the stairs so you're behind the Hunter Lounge and we are a door to the right !!


That didn't make sense? Follow the purple signs in the student union building of head to our instagram, where we have a pinned video showing where to find us !!


Email to with 'Letter to the Editor' in the title. 

Letters To The Editor

At Salient, we froth a cheeky bit of public debate, which is why we have our letters page. Letters can be anything; your take on something you read in Salient, shit that grinds your gears, something cool you saw on campus, how you think the magazine could be improved, issues of the day, whatever.


The rules: 

  • Letters must be received before 5pm Monday to be published in the upcoming issue

  • Letters have a max word count of 250 words 

  • Pseudonyms are fine, but all letter submissions must include your real name

  • Letters will not be corrected for spelling or grammar

  • The Editor reserve the right to edit, abridge or decline any letters without explanation


Got an issue with something we've published?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of complaints, here's a disclaimer: the views you find in Salient don't necessarily echo the thoughts of the Editor. We're a diverse platform, and opinions vary.

Filing a Complaint:

If you have something on your mind, don't hold back. Fill out the form below, and the Editor will get back to you. We value your input.

Next Steps:

Unsatisfied with our response? No problem. Take it up a notch. You can complain to the Press Council. Here are the details:


PO Box 10-879 The Terrace,

Wellington, NZ

Disclaimer Redux:

Salient is proudly published by the Victoria University of Wellington Students Association (VUWSA) but holds its editorial independence. We're fueled in part by VUWSA through the Student Services Association Levy and proudly part of the Aotearoa Student Press Association (ASPA). The views you encounter in Salient? They're not a unified front. The Editors, VUWSA, or the University might see things differently.

More Complaint Channels:

  •  Got burning questions or a hot take? Hit us up at, and we might just feature your thoughts in an upcoming issue.

Salient thrives on dialogue, even the tough stuff. Your complaints keep us on our toes and help us evolve. So, let's hear it.

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