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Podcasts !!

2024 marks a significant change for Salient's podcasts. Not only do we have Tyrone O'Neill taking on the role of podcast producer and social media content creator, but we are also revamping our entire podcast structure. As a result, there will be three different podcasts in 2024 for Salient.

1. We will continue to produce 'Unedited Sessions', which was initially created by 2023 editors Maia Ingoe and Francesca Pietkiewicz as an online editorial for the magazine. In 2024, it will be hosted by Salient Editor Phoebe Robertson, with various staff members joining her in the office. Along with the online editorial, this podcast will feature contributors and staff writers discussing their work for Salient.

2. Our new Arts & Culture Pod will resemble a radio station format, with different guests coming on each week to talk about their passions and creative pursuits. Expect to hear from Te Herenga Waka's poets, performers, musicians, and visual artists as we highlight the vibrant community. If you're interested in being featured on the podcast, please reach out to Teddy at

3. Lastly, our News Podcast will aim to answer one simple question: 'What Does VUWSA Do?' We will delve into what VUWSA does for students and have them respond to news events that impact students. Additionally, we may cover broader news topics or chat with our news team about Salient-related content.

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