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Our Production Schedule

If you're interested in submitting to Salient, check out our production schedule for themes, deadlines and general knowledge about the magazine. Just click the link below !!

Steps to getting your feature into Salient:

1. Have a think about what you want to write about.

  Do you have a hot take/opinion impacting the student community? Want to get the word out that hospo isn't sustainable for students? Simply want to platform your love for someone/something in Poneke? Then flick us a pitch!! Even if you're not sure what you want to write specifically, if you email us with general ideas, then I can probably help you out to create something from it.


2. Send in a pitch.

  Once you've got your concept, check out our themes list and see what issue it would best fit into. Our upcoming themes for the year can be found in the link list below alongside a deadline to get pitches in by. Early pitches will be accepted though, so flick me an email when you're ready. A handy-dandy pitching guide written by previous editors is a useful guide that can be found on the drive. Make sure to send your pitch to by the deadline!!


3. Your idea should get confirmed or workshopped into something that is confirmed.

  Then you'll be given a week after the pitch deadline to put your draft together. A handy guide to perfecting your draft, and the process of writing it can be found in the drive. This is where you will also be given a word count. Most word counts will be between 800-1400 words long.


4. Your piece will then go through the editing process.

  You'll get a week to approve/disagree with edits.


5. Sick!!

  Hold onto your hats; next week, after edits are all confirmed, you should be able to see your work in the newest issue of Salient.


A slight note: feature articles don't have to be big scary things. I literally wrote one in 2023 all about my love for Minecraft. I also wrote a big investigative one. So they are what you make of them!! Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and write about something you love/have passion for because chances are, other students will too.



I've been setting up a Google Drive with writing guides, the Salient 2024 complete schedule, and anything else that comes up. Please check it out here: 

Pitching Guide

Welcome to the Salient quick and dirty guide to pitching. Do you have an idea for a news article, feature, review, podcast or column? This is how you get the editors to publish it. ​ If you have no idea what to write but know that you want to get your work into Salient’s pages - best to come see us in the Salient Office in the Student Union Building, and we can have a chat about where and how you can contribute to Salient. ​ Already got a draft? Send it in with a quick pitch following the guide below. ​ Before You Pitch Take a look at our themes for the year, and see where your idea might fit best or come up with ideas to align with a theme. Find the themes here: Issue Themes And this should go without saying - but have a read of Salient. Look at what has been published in past issues, and you’ll get an idea of the work that fits in Salient. Introduce Yourself If we’ve never met you, we wanna know who you are and why you want to write this pitch. Keep it brief. Make sure you include your name, pronouns, and iwi/hapū affiliation. Elevator Pitch A short paragraph outlining the kaupapa of your piece. This should include what the main point of the piece will be - the crux of the article, what kind of article it is (investigate? Personal essay? Listicle? if you’re unsure, see our writing guidelines), and any stylist notes, such as the tone of the writing. If you have any title ideas, here is the place to let them loose. ​ Target Audience Who are you aiming at with this piece? Who is most likely to read it and be interested in it? This is your target audience - and it must align with Salient uni student readership. ​ Why? Persuade us - why does your column/feature/review/nudes/finsta etc belong in Salient? What is it bringing to the magazine that is new, or hasn’t been done before? If you pitching to a specific issue, how does your article align with that theme? ​ How? This involves execution. We want to know that you can follow through with this piece and that you have a plan to do it. Especially if it’s a feature article, include a list of three to four people or places you can go to for interviews, and research you intend to carry out. If you haven’t left your desk, you haven’t written a feature. ​ Final Tips  It can be awkward learning to vouch for your writing for the first time, but back yourself and be confident. No one else is gonna vouch for your idea but you. ​ Feel free to come in and meet us first if it’ll make pitching easier - we always love meeting new contributors. The Salient Office is deep in the bowels of the Student Union building - down the stairs, past the bubble, through the doors and up the stairs to the right. ​ Finally: Don’t be boring. Other than that, go forth, write, keep writing, and come back to us soon. Send your pitch to, with PITCH and a working title in the subject line. News If you want to write news, go straight to horse’s mouth ​ Podcasts If you want to pitch a podcast, send it to ​ Features Send us a pitch to Features are around 1000 - 2000 words and can be about anything. They generally cover a specific, researched topic. ​ Column  Send a pitch to Tell us what you want the column to be called and what you want to write about. You can write about anything. ​ For example, ‘Liquid Knowledge’ broke down things like cryptocurrency and OnlyFans so you could use them for pub chat. Word count: 250 (half page) or 500 (full page). You could submit on a weekly bi-weekly or just semi-regular basis. ​ Reviews Send a pitch to We look for food, film, music, fashion, TV reviews or sports chat. You could also review your flatmates or the bus system.

Got Any Questions? Or Want To Submit A Pitch? Do It Here.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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