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  • Darcy Lawrey

Where Are All The Bikes?


OPINION: For many, the mention of cyclists conjures up the infamous MAMILs: Middle Aged Men In Lycra. You know what I’m talking about. Dads who pull on their brightly coloured cycling shorts to puff their way around Oriental Bay on a road bike that costs as much as a car. 

But cycling in the capital shouldn’t just be for the MAMILs and public servant commuters. Cycling is a mode of transport made for students. So, imagine my surprise to find only one other bike in the Katharine Jermyn bike shed—a building with close to 400 students. 

Cycling ticks every single box. It keeps you fit, is almost carbon neutral, is faster than driving around the city, and once you’ve got your bike it’s pretty much free. Also, it’s just really fun. 

Cycling in Welly just keeps getting more and more accessible: Organisations like Bikespace repair and service bikes for free, cycleways run throughout the city, buses have bike racks, and finding an affordable bike is as easy as hopping on Facebook Marketplace. 

And yes, cycling in Wellington does have its challenges. It's windy, and it's hilly. But that also means downhill and tailwinds.

With the price of parking putting a car out of reach for many CBD-dwelling students, a bike is the perfect (better) alternative. So, next time you’ve got to get from Lambton to Newtown, or Kelburn to Pipitea, think about doing it on two wheels.


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