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  • E. Stacy

UniQ: Kissing Your Friends at Parties

Words by: E. Stacy (she/her)

I could wax poetic about the healing powers of platonic affection among queer people. Growing up in a world that treats the way you love as abnormal tends to shape your view of how people can relate to each other in a community. For example, I like to get high as hell and make out with my friends at parties.

There’s much to be wary about the way drugs can affect a person’s boundaries and inhibitions, but if you’re doing it right (testing, safe dosing, etc), it can be a great time. The first time I took MDMA at a party was while surrounded by friends, and I was immediately filled with an overwhelming love for everyone in sight.

So I went around kissing them, with permission of course. I’m naturally a very affectionate person and ecstasy just takes it up to 11, so I try to surround myself with people who want to receive that love. It heals my queer little heart to know that I’m in a safe place with the right people who will let me love them as fully and openly as possible. Explore those feelings. Drugs optional but they are fun.

And now, some poetry:

To have a good night

I take drugs smartly

When I want to kiss my friends at the party

So I pop a cap

To get this starty

Then I can kiss my friends at the party

I’m filled with joy

My soul most hearty

When I kiss my friends at the party.


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