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  • Phoebe Robertson

“Secret Jobs” advertisements appear outside Easterfield Building


On March 8th Salient received reports of advertisements for “my secret job” appearing near campus. The ad claims to be a middle man for connecting individuals interested in escorting with agencies. But a brief review of their website reveals multiple concerning warning signs.

The most obvious indication of the concerning nature of these advertisements is that they have been spread throughout the university during O-Week. The website's tone also suggests that it targets individuals who are inexperienced in the sex work industry, as their main service is to connect people with agents. While this may not immediately condemn them, it raises concerns about the timing of these ads being targeted towards new 18-year-old students at Te Herenga Waka campus.

Additionally, the website mentions the use of photographs in sex work, which is a common practice for advertising workers to potential clients. However, what is alarming is that the site states the photos will become the property of the agency. It then goes on to mention that a "good agency" would not include identifying features such as faces, tattoos, birthmarks, or scars in any photos. But there is no guarantee from this website that they only work with reputable agencies.

The most concerning aspect of this website is the lack of transparency regarding its owners and affiliated agencies. This puts people in a vulnerable position as they have no knowledge of who they are giving their information to, or how that information is being passed on. The absence of a street address, and the use of a mobile number and gmail account for contact further raises red flags about the legitimacy of this site.

Salient contacted someone who had already reached out to secret jobs for more information. They reported frustration with the text exchange and feeling pressured to send in photos. When they questioned this request, they were told that the organization simply wanted a recent photo in everyday attire. However, when pressed for details about what would happen next, the employee stated that a representative from one of their partnered agencies would meet them at a public location like a park or cafe to discuss the job further. When asked specifically which agencies they worked with, "secret jobs" refused to provide an answer.

According to the website, the hourly rate for a booking that involves intercourse, mutual oral, handjobs, and kissing is "between $130 to $200 + extra". This offer falls short of industry standards, raising questions about where the remaining money may go. While the website connects applicants with brothels or agencies, it fails to mention any security measures or ongoing support for workers once they are signed up. This lack of protection is concerning, as reputable brothels prioritize the safety of their employees.

If you are considering entering the sex work industry, NZPC (Aotearoa New Zealand Sex Workers' Collective) is a reliable resource for finding reputable brothels and agencies.



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