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  • Jia Sharma

Review: Call The Plumber Tour—Frank on Tap and Wet Denim

Words by Jia Sharma (she/her)

Frank on Tap and Wet Denim concluded their “Call The Plumber” tour in Wellington at San Fran this past Saturday. Co-headlining the tour, the show was nothing if not a striking finale. With supporting artists, First Reserve, Messie, and Swimcap, the venue was packed and brimming with excitement—there wasn’t a single bad spot to watch the show from. 

Taking the stage as the first headliner, Frank on Tap delivered a vibrant pop-rock performance that raised the energy of the whole room. There wasn’t a single person either fully immersed and dancing or at least nodding their head along to the beat. From captivating vocals to energising drum beats, there wasn’t an uninteresting second of their set. 

The band’s synergy was unmistakable—every member of Frank on Tap matched the fervour of the crowd, and raised the infectious energy that quickly spread across the room. The set was pure adrenaline and created the perfect atmosphere to dance to. I especially loved when the members of the band interacted with each other during the songs, just as the crowd was connecting with each other. The killer guitar solos were my favourite part of their set and I was so glad they weren’t few and far between. 

Wet Denim described their sound as “two-thirds rock, one-third pop, and three-thirds catchy as fuck”, and without a doubt lived up to their bold claim. Even if you are unfamiliar with the songs, it’s easy to sing along by the time the second chorus comes around and I left with the words to ‘Remedy’ still playing through my head. 

I remember their stage presence being a standout. Nick, the lead singer, had effortless interactions with the crowd that sparked instant intimacy, making it feel like he was having a conversation with friends. That level of comfortable connection with the crowd made it all the more enjoyable to listen to them play. As their set drew to a close, the inevitable demand for an encore echoed through the venue, and I was so glad when they came back out to answer the cheers. 

I physically cannot write about this show without talking about the heartwarming moment when two Wet Denim fans came on stage for a live proposal. It was the last thing the crowd was expecting and was sick to see a couple that loved Wet Denim so much that they wanted to have this special moment at one of their shows. Witnessing such a cherished experience displayed the deep connection between the band and their dedicated fan base, making the show truly unforgettable. 

As the final chords faded, I left feeling infinitely satisfied. While the “Call the Plumber” tour might be over, I’m extremely looking forward to what these bands have planned next. After this show, I will be eagerly stalking their socials. Luckily, fans of Frank on Tap and Wet Denim shouldn’t have to wait long so be sure to keep an eye out. Both bands have new music coming out later this year, which personally, has already earned a spot in my playlist.


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