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  • Jia Sharma

Review: Park Rd: ‘Every Night’

Words by Jia Sharma (she/her)

“She goes out like every night, on my mind like all the time,”

Park Rd’s newest single ‘Every Night,’ serves as a promising introduction to their upcoming album, marking a significant shift in their musical direction. The song was released during a string of festivals including Outfield in Hawkes Bay and Homegrown in Wellington, fuelling their momentum for the year. 

Park Rd originated from Auckland and began as a high school project before officially forming the band they are today in 2018. Describing their music as “pop and rock, but not pop-rock”, they create the perfect balance with pop-inspired songwriting and a more rock sound when it comes to live performances.

From their first gig at the Glen Eden Bowling Club to now performing at larger events such as Homegrown, it’s been a whirlwind for the band. In the past two years, they’ve been on a journey of playing different festivals and sharing the stage with other bands such as Spacey Jane and Milky Chance. 

Park Rd released their latest single ‘Every Night’ at the end of February. The track was composed during the middle of their new album's production, and it came together surprisingly fast, taking only about an hour to write. Described as an "instant song" by singer and guitarist Leo, the track exudes a lively ambiance that radiates energy. Singer Tom (who also rocks the tambourine) says, “We were all just dancing around super crazy, it was a little bit manic…we were like just imagine people dancing to this”. 

After playing ‘Every Night’ on repeat (and forcing my flatmates to listen too), it’s easy to imagine people dancing to it. With its upbeat and optimistic tone, coupled with captivating guitar riffs, it’s the perfect summer song. I can already sense the influence of Spacey Jane on the band, as they have mentioned them as one of their inspirations. I am excited to hear more of this sound in their upcoming album.

The song stands out from the band's previous singles, giving a sneak peek of what is to come in future releases. It promises an exploration of youth and the "teenage apocalypse," hoping to transport listeners to another world. Tom emphasises its significance as a representation of their current phase, saying, “It feels really perfect to me for a first album, it encapsulates where we were at”. Leo affirms that while the album may be different and features more melancholic tracks, it remains true to their identity as artists, reflecting their growth and maturation over time. He said, “It’s a new sound, but it's also our real sound”. 

I’m eager to hear this new stage of Park Rd’s musical journey with ‘Every Night’ as an exciting preview. I’ll be gearing up to show some West Auckland solidarity and delve into the rest of the album when it comes out in May. The band is set on an upward trajectory, and you should definitely watch out for all the exciting things they’ve got planned next. I’m just hoping it won’t be long before they're back for another Wellington show. 


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