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  • Ashleigh Putt-Fallows

OPINION: Fuck David Seymour

Updated: May 13

aka James Shaw’s and Salient staff’s favourite spineless creature

Ashleigh Putt-Fallows (she/her/ia) | Ngāti Whātua, Tūhoe, Ngāpuhi-Ngāti Hine

Before ACT posts this on Twitter and cries about it, and despite it being apparent in the title: this is my opinion and commentary. I also want to say, if David is so against cancel culture, and so for freedom of speech, I expect he will uphold this value and not dox me on his silly lil Facebook page. Hopefully he doesn’t even get super upset about it; it is my right to say what I please, even if it shits on him and hurts his feelings.

The first thing I want to say fuck you to David for is your attitude towards youth. You may disagree with ✨the youths✨ but what is the point of shitting on them? You’re a government figure—you have influence, and your words carry. You’re also a 40 year old man acting pettier than me in secondary school. Get the fuck off Twitter (X) and Facebook, and do your job; it’s evident to me you haven’t been doing shit. All you do in the youth space is be a dick and, in every other area, give your mates tax breaks and take shit away. 

Secondly, I want to say fuck you for doxing people—especially youth. I know you have a strong opinion. Still, you know damn well what your audience is capable of and has been doing—telling people to kill themselves, threatening harm, death and rape, threatening family members, harassing them. That is what your posts cause, and you are the figurehead for that. It’s pathetic. You should also know doxing is a tool widely used in the more harmful side of cancel culture, so not only are you being an absolute cockhead and directly causing unjust harm, but you’re being a hypocrite. If you are so fucking high and mighty and don’t want to accept criticism or different perspectives, ignore them. Like most politicians. 

Thirdly, let’s talk about your racism.

1. Māori and Pasifika spaces only exist because of people like you who seem incapable of critical thought. If you engaged with the community you claim when convenient (maybe fucking talk to us?!) you would know WHY these spaces exist. It’s not to keep Pākehā out, dumbass. It’s a means of language and culture preservation. You are just jealous that despite Māori blood running through your veins, you let your Ngāti Pākehāness override it, and it stops you from partaking.

2. Joking about bombing ministries. Just what the actual fuck was that. Sure, you have “freedom of speech” to say it, but be a decent human being for once and shut up. Sidenote, on the freedom of speech bullshit: nobody is entitled to a platform, and you can’t force people to listen to you or anyone. Sure, you have the freedom to say shit, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it. 

To continue the racism stuff—Te Tiriti and Te Reo Māori. Get the fuck away. Your hāpu is keen to disown you over this. Stop fucking with it, stop taking it away (or trying and failing). What are you gaining from this??! Just hate? Are you really that sad and lonely that you have to piss off people for attention? It’s a part of Aotearoa, New Zealand’s law. Get over it and again DO YOUR ACTUAL JOB. 

You wonder why you get so much hate, but if you were a better person, maybe you wouldn’t. 

Watch your snapchat.

Suck a mouldy lemon loser. 


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