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  • Miriama Campbell

Ngāi Tauira: Want an experience fresher than mine?

words by Miriama Campbell (she/her)

Kia ora e hoa, ko Miri ahau. I hear you'reyour new here; don’t worry, I was a fresher too. Let me tell you about my experience as a first year studying at Te Herenga Waka. My first year was 2022, right as we were starting to see the possibility of a return to normality after the covid lockdowns. And honestly, the first tri was absolute shit. Although I like to blame it on the covid restrictions, allowing me to do all my courses from the comfort of my single sized bed, in my quarantined hall. I made the mistake of putting minimal effort into seeking help, and lost my way. But not you, you’re going to be better than me.

Here's some quick tips to stay fresh.

Kanohi ki te kanohi

  • Go to campus

  • Only use zoom if you need it

  • Take rough notes in class, use the online notes to tidy them up at home

Join a club!

  • Whakawhānaungatanga is really the best thing you can do, especially as a Māori in a Pākehā system. Ngāi Tauira was my lifeline.

  • Find people similar to you, you can find friends in halls too but don’t limit yourself.

Take the pressure off

  • Uni is important but so are you. Take care of yourself.

  • Āwhina is the Māori student support group here, they can help with anything e hoa, trust them

Stay hydrated

  • Drink water. Always. It helps with the hangovers too.

Kia Waimarie!!

Nā Miriama Campbell


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