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I Am My Fake Name

Exposed by: A super sexy anonymous worker

I work in a walk-in late-night brothel. I choose the days I work but not the length of my shift. I have worked in many different establishments and strip clubs, and they all have different rules about how long you need to work. This piece is based on my working experiences in late-night club/party environments.

When I work, I am my fake name. I have a whole personality built around this name, a personality that aims to please the customers and clients in the best way possible and, at times, can feel all-consuming. This fake name personality can feel insincere when it is used to please clients who don’t really deserve it. When it is used to appeal to a demographic with opinions that I don’t agree with(although I do love a good debate), or when it is used to appease a client who shows me a picture of his wife and children after we have just finished having sex, as I tell him ‘wow your wife is gorgeous’ without a fault in my smile and making sure to keep the sparkle in my eye, while in my head I am losing more and more trust in people who say that they love you.

A good balance between work and your personal life is important to separate the character you play at work from who you are outside of that. Sometimes, it feels like you are the fake name you assigned yourself and they have taken over your life, consuming your personality and way of thinking. I respond more to my fake name than my real name. It has been my name for almost 5 years and, sometimes, when I go out with my friends, I almost introduce myself as her.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of working all the time when you start. In my experience, this is especially easy when you have a manager and are not working independently. When you first start, you get ‘new worker money’. The regulars at your place of work smell fresh meat and want to book you over who they already know. Sometimes, this is a good thing, and sometimes, they will try all their moves on you to try to get extra services for free. Your managers know this influx of cash will happen, and they see the benefits they can get from it. They encourage you to pick up more shifts, to stay later, to work after hours, and to go on outcalls. At the start, it’s all so exciting, albeit a little scary, but you usually get a lot of positive reinforcement to keep going. Clients compliment you and your body; management is hyping you up and getting you more jobs so that your paycheck at the end of the night is even more insane to a young girl who is used to making minimum wage. You overhear how management describes you to customers, and if, like me, you’ve struggled to love yourself/your body in the past, it feels so good it’s addictive.

When working in a club/party environment, some of the busiest times are typically Friday and Saturday nights. The same nights that you and your friends like to go out, the same nights that people celebrate their birthdays and going away parties, the most typical days and nights for 9-5’s to have off work. It feels hard to say no to the money, and if sex work is your primary income, it almost feels irresponsible not to work.

Don’t do what I did—remember to have fun with your friends, spend time with your family and live your life! 

mwah xx


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