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  • Jia Sharma

Eyegum Wednesdays: Lipstick and Crying Club

Words by Jia Sharma (she/her)

Few things in life bring as much joy as Eyegum Wednesdays at San Fran. This weekly event consistently showcases a diverse roster of talented artists, fosters a vibrant community amongst musicians and music lovers alike, and best of all, it’s free. For me, it’s the perfect antidote to my mid-week academic burnout. Last week’s Eyegum featured two highly anticipated bands: Lipstick and Crying Club. Being a fan of Lipstick and with Crying Club being on my must-see list for a long time, this was a show I couldn’t miss.

Lipstick kicked off the night and did not disappoint. I’ve been to several of their shows now and their alt-rock and Brit-pop sound never fails to captivate the room. Their set was filled with songs that regular Lipstick fans could sing along to, and even first-timers would find themselves easily vibing with the music. Each band member had moments to shine, which I greatly appreciate. The highlight of the night was bassist Dillon’s electrifying solo in "Rom Com" which was stuck in my head for the rest of the night. In general, all the solos were great. Harry's guitar solos always hit perfectly, inciting cheers from the crowd, while Jake Stokes on drums brought an infectious energy to the room. And of course, Oliver on lead vocals delivers an amazing performance with a vibrant stage presence. Their cover of A-Ha’s "Take On Me" was a crowd favourite that had the whole venue singing along. 

Next up was Crying Club. I had listened to their EP on Spotify prior to the show and was thrilled to find they sounded just as good live. Their self-description is spot on: “Up until recently, it was something like The Used and The Strokes sharing a candlelit dinner at a fancy riverside restaurant. When 2024 hit, Attack Attack managed to get past security and is now chasing everyone around with a tennis racket while foaming at the mouth.” Go to one of their gigs and this comparison will make perfect sense. Crying Club delivered a performance that was captivating from any vantage point with lead vocalist Datu’s voice bouncing around the room, amplified by the backing vocals of the rest of the band. The band’s synergy and joy in performing were immediately noticeable. Their loud, gritty sound resonated well with the audience, who matched their energy throughout. I’m now determined to catch any and all of their upcoming shows and become a Crying Club regular. 

This Eyegum Wednesday was one of the best I’ve attended. I can't stress enough how much everyone should experience Eyegum. The sense of community is incredibly strong—it’s such a welcoming environment and I always see familiar faces. The variety of genres means there’s something for everyone. I’ve discovered many of my new favourite bands at Eyegum and met amazing people along the way. Supporting local artists and venues is crucial—they won’t disappoint.


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