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  • Hamish Ferguson

Alcohol Review: 8.6 Black Stout

Tasted by Hamish Ferguson (he/him)

8.6 Black Stout

This beer, imported from Holland to your local supermarket, is marketed as an “intense stout”.

Don’t let the cheap price fool you—this goes down surprisingly well for a affordable can from

New World. The first thing that hits you is the frothiness and a overall richness of the flavour

(think coffee, dark chocolate, soy sauce), followed by an slight acidic kick in your mouth and a

malty, slightly bitter aftertaste. Overall a great brew, especially for someone looking to explore

the world of stouts and porters for a price more competitive than notorious brews like Guniuess,

or craft brews like Cassels. This beer gives off cigarettes and leather vibes. However watch out

for the tipsiness—it can go from 0-100 really quick, with an ABV of 7.9%, and 3.1 standards per

can. I had an unintentional 3 hour nap the first time I drank this, which ruined my night.

Standards per dollar: 0.67 (3.10 divided by $4.69, please check my maths)

Taste: 8/10

Affordability: 9/10 (for a stout)

Tipsiness: 7/10

Hangover: -4/10

Overall: 20/30


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