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8:00am in khandallah

Izzy Christie

under the shallow / the tempered porcelain

below the wave / waits the rubber duck 

emulsified into congealed butter / i am at the dish pit

with some czech boy who lives with his drug dealer. 

while we talk about language and 

“getting the fuck out of welling-ton!”

he’s flying off to south-east asia / during the rainy season

he’ll leave me here in the back of the kitchen 

humming show-tunes / watching the analogue clock tick

i’ll think about him / because i must lose myself to get through the day

while the tap drips / he sits 

under some palm tarp / as it / is pummelled by the rain.


Isobel Christie is a writer, actor and creative based in Te Whanganui a Tara who is studying English Literature, Theatre and Creative Writing. She writes from an intuitive place informed by a love of puzzles, improvisation and a pervasive passion for other human’s lives. She is currently working on her first novel.


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