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  • Ophelia Muller

Yes for Success

Sucessfully Written by Ophelia Muller (she/her)

Graduating soon? Applying for internships? Looking to level up your CV and land that ‘grown-up job’? 

For many of us university studies, particularly those who are graduating soon, there is underlying stress about entering the workforce. What jobs do I apply for? How do I nail an interview? What is business casual? The corporate world is one to be conquered; who better to help you than a charity created exactly for this purpose. 

Yes for Success (YFS), an affiliate of the well-known Dress for Success network, is a thriving community where people are supported to achieve their aspirations in work and life, and where success is built on sustainable choices. They have improved the lives of thousands within our Wellington communities, and have contributed in assisting over 1.3 million women on their journey to self-sufficiency globally. 

In 2023, Dress for Success Wellington proudly introduced its expanded initiative, Yes for Success, signalling a commitment to inclusivity across all genders. YFS offers a variety of tools focused on personal and professional development. 

Those wanting to bulk out their CV (me), or those with the dream of being one of the incredibly fashionable recycle boutique/paper bag princess workers (also me), can join the volunteer team and gain some incredible work experience in the recycled clothing boutiques and clothing management room. One volunteer says that it was a “great learning experience, and with all the donations, clients and customers that come through you experience something new every day. Whatever your interests are I’m sure that you can get something out of coming to Dress for Success.” 

Now, when I first started applying for the ‘big girl’ jobs I saw a lot about soft skills. Now, I won’t lie, I had no clue what soft skills were. If you’re in the same boat look no further than the YFS success workshops, operating monthly alongside networking lunches. They cover a range of topics to build your 'soft skills', and help you face challenges at work and in your personal life. 

Once I finally landed a job I so was excited to walk down Lambton Quay, in an outfit that screamed corporate. Unfortunately, I was hit with a reality check after realising just how much money that can cost. Buying a whole new wardrobe for work because your current wardrobe consists of town clothes, jeans and pyjamas is no easy feat. 

Look no further than the recently opened YFS ‘Dressed’ boutique. All items of fashion are good quality pieces that don’t cost the Earth. With the online store as well as a store on the Terrace, and one in Lower Hutt, every dollar spent in the boutiques helps people in our region find work, develop their careers and achieve their aspirations.

The boutiques stock a wide range of great quality, donated clothes for all genders, including casual, workwear, formal and designer wear. Not restrained by the latest fashion trends that are bound to die off pretty soon a range of sizes, styles, and colours are available – something for everyone! 

And if you need a hand, boutique volunteers are available to shower you with compliments and help you piece together your thrifty (workplace-appropriate) dream. Pre-booked styling sessions are also available if you are wanting help with your work wardrobe. After an initial consultation, you can visit the hub and walk away with several outfits to take home with you! 

After being referred to YFS by Work and Income, a job seeker called Sean booked a styling appointment at one of the Dressed boutiques. After walking away with new outfits and some new interview tips he sat down with one of the big four, and got shortlisted for the role! Another job seeker walked away from her styling appointment thanking the stylist for “[v]ery quickly understanding me. I found the corporate version of me that I didn't know [existed].” 

Feeling stressed that your CV might not land you your dream job? Constantly debating whether or not that cover letter template you used was too generic? Check out a free 30-minute session with recruitment agencies, partnered with YFS to help those who don’t have that one older mate who can look over your CV for you. In this session, you will be able to not only have your CV reviewed but also practise interview skills! The perfect training tool for landing that job. 

So please google, email, call, fill out a form or just show up at any YFS office! Don’t miss out on landing that dream job, let us help you find your inner corporate star…


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