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  • Porita Fruean


Words by Porita Fruean (she/her) 

This piece is dedicated to a piece of my heart that I had to leave home; my community, my village, and my aiga.

We depart our islands, leaving behind the cradle of our existence. The Pacific, once a sanctuary of simplicity, now compels us to wander. Our souls tethered to the land, our hearts anchored in the embrace of azure waves, we bid farewell to the only home we've known.

The islands, like ancient sentinels, stood guard against the relentless tides of time. They nurtured us with the fruits of the earth and the secrets of the sea. But the world beckoned its siren song of progress and opportunity echoing in our ears.

With heavy hearts, we step onto foreign shores, leaving behind the whispers of coconut palms and the lullabies of ocean breezes. The Pacific's tranquil beauty, juxtaposed with its fierce challenges, has forged us into resilient souls.

As we navigate this new world, we carry the essence of our islands within us—the resilience of coral reefs weathering storms, the unity of communities bound by tradition, and the determination of people who know the value of what they leave behind.

The Pacific, with its simple splendors and profound complexities, remains etched in our memories. Its vivid sunsets, vibrant dances, and the laughter of children playing by the shore are indelible marks on our hearts. We may have left our islands, but they will never leave us. The Pacific is not just a place; it is the essence of who we are.


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