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  • Khai Dye-Brinkman

UNIQ FRUIT SALAD: Discovering Community

Embracing Belonging Through Club Engagement

Words by UniQ President Khai Dye-Brinkman (they/them)

Entering university marks a pivotal moment in one's life, a transition into newfound independence and self-discovery. For many, university clubs serve as vital conduits to forge connections and foster a sense of community. My own journey as a fresher led me to UniQ, the queer students’ club, where I discovered a profound sense of community.

UniQ, like many university clubs, offered more than just a space for socialization; it provided a sanctuary where individuals of all backgrounds and orientations could converge without judgment. Walking into UniQ's events, I was greeted with warmth and openness, instantly dispelling any apprehensions I had. The club's commitment to inclusivity transcended mere rhetoric; it was palpable in every interaction, fostering an environment where diversity was not just acknowledged but celebrated.

Engaging with UniQ extended beyond casual gatherings; it became a catalyst for personal growth and self-acceptance. Through discussions, events, and unwavering support from fellow members, I found the courage to embrace my identity. UniQ became more than a club; it evolved into a lifeline, a beacon of hope in navigating the complexities of university life.

My experience with UniQ underscores the power of club engagement in fostering a sense of community. Whether one identifies within the LGBTQ+ spectrum or not, the essence of belonging transcends labels, encapsulating the universal yearning for connection and acceptance. As I continue my journey through university, I carry with me the invaluable lessons learned within UniQ's embrace: that true belonging lies not in conformity but in the unapologetic celebration of our authentic selves.


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