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  • Phoebe Robertson

Spotlight on Takatāpui Hosts Slay West and Olivia Dreams at Dirty Little Secret

Highlighted by Phoebe Robertson

Nestled in the lively core of Wellington's entertainment hub is Dirty Little Secret, a rooftop bar that buzzes with energy and acceptance. Leading the charge at this cultural spot are the Takatāpui hosts, Slay West and Olivia Dreams, who have injected new life into the bar's quiz nights with their vibrant personalities and local touch.

Performer Slay West explains: 

“I love performing at DLS as most of heterosexual people or baby queer human first drag shows or first time seeing a very queer performance art. In NZ there aren't many places to see queer art unless you live in a big city. Small towns are very shut off so when new students from small towns come out they get to witness amazing queer / POC artists 's for the first time in  Wellington. Having this awesome and free event(s) is great for so many people. I love educating  new people about queer culture and drag culture. I have so much fun with the crowd and the staff at DLS are top tier. They make me feel very safe.”

Dirty Little Secret's trivia nights can be traced back to 2023 when the Bombay Bombshell, a resident performer and host, first introduced the concept. Following the success of their Drag Bingo nights, the bar's management decided to expand the festivities to Wednesday evenings. 

In line with their commitment to promoting local artists, the bar regularly features performances from DJs, musicians, and drag queens, embodying their inclusive and accessible philosophy. The pioneering presence of Felicity Frockaccino, a Takatāpui drag queen of Ngāi Tahu ko te IwI, paved the way for drag to become an integral part of Dirty Little Secret's events, highlighting diverse voices and showcasing homegrown talent.

Selina Simone played a crucial role in the evolution of Dirty Little Secret. She was the driving force behind shifting the focus towards showcasing local talent in quiz production. Recognizing the disconnect between the quiz content and the lively atmosphere of drag events, Simone pushed for a more community-focused approach. As a result, in 2024, Slay West and Olivia Dreams were brought on as hosts, embodying both local authenticity and inclusivity. Alongside local quiz writer Constance Craving, the team has transformed the quizzes, making them more relatable to patrons and performers alike.

By providing free entry to quiz nights, Dirty Little Secret demonstrates their dedication to making the venue inclusive and community-driven. Simone's vision for the establishment goes beyond financial considerations, ensuring that people from all backgrounds can join in on the fun and enjoy the breathtaking view of Pōneke's night sky.

Looking ahead, Simone envisions a future where quiz nights continue to thrive, providing a platform for underrepresented drag artists, including drag kings, to shine. As the demand for local talent grows, so too does the potential for commercial success. By nurturing and compensating performers, Simone believes Dirty Little Secret's quiz nights will become a staple of Wellington's cultural landscape.

With Slay West and Olivia Dreams at the helm, Dirty Little Secret's quiz nights have undergone a remarkable transformation, embodying the spirit of community, creativity, and inclusivity. As the venue continues to evolve, it remains committed to celebrating local talent and providing a space where everyone can feel seen, heard, and celebrated.


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