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Māori & Pasifika News: Marae Relocated Post-Cyclone, Mārama's Surgery Journey, Top 10 Ingoa Māori

Words by Te Huihui o Matariki Chi Huy Tran (he/him) - Taranaki Tūturu, Te iwi o Maruwharanui, Ngāti Maniapoto

Aotearoa’s Efforts to Preserve Cyclone-Damaged Marae and Homes on Māori Land

In a move to safeguard the cultural heritage of Māori communities, the New Zealand government has launched an initiative to support the relocation of marae and homes on whenua Māori that were damaged by cyclones. This effort aims to protect these culturally significant sites from further damage, and ensure the safety and preservation of these vital community spaces. The process involves navigating complex ownership structures and cultural considerations, emphasising the importance of collaboration and respect for indigenous traditions. It showcases a commitment to honouring and protecting the rich cultural heritage and tiakanga of Māori.

Mārama's Surgery Journey is Empowering!

Marama Davidson will soon go through surgery, and her openness about her breast cancer diagnosis is incredibly important for women's health awareness. Her bravery in sharing her experience and emphasising the significance of mammograms for early detection is truly inspiring. By prioritising her own health and family, she sets a compelling example for women everywhere to take charge of their health. Let's continue to support and uplift each other, spreading awareness and advocating for regular screenings to ensure the well-being of all wāhine. 

Top 10 Most Popular Ingoa Māori for our Pēpi this Matariki

Released by Te Tari Taiwhenua every Māori new year. For our future young pāpā and māmā out there, if you’re ready to take that next step after graduating lol, or during studying, chur.


Ariki/Te Ariki, Wiremu, Rāwiri, Mikaere, Nikau, Koa, Manaia, Manaaki, Kiwa, Kaitoa.


Aroha/Te Aroha, Amaia, Maia, Anahera, Moana, Manaia, Ataahua, Marama, Atarangi, Tui.


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